2017 Revised Edition of The Handyman Guide To Profit

In 2009, during that sad economy, I wrote “The Handyman’s Guide To Profit” and it’s still a popular book. Times have changed and the economy has improved significantly. Unemployment is much lower but there are still many that are unemployed and underemployed so I have revised the guide and lowered the price. If you have basic home repair skills and have ever considered the benefits of self employment in any economy check out the 2017 Revised Edition of “The Handyman’s Guide To Profit” at http://handyman-business-guide.com/  Thanks.

Posting Again at Last

My publishing business has kept me too busy to post here. I’m still busy with my publishing business but I plan to start posting here regularly. I hope you will return to check it out soon. Sorry for the delay.

I am removing the post about the Simplified Woodworking blog because it was hacked and destroyed. I have created a new blog call Papa’s Woodshop geared to novice woodworkers. You can check it out at http://papas-woodshop.com/ . The name was my grandson’s idea since he always tells his parent that “Papa can fix it!” Thanks.

Accounting Can Be A Nightmare But It Doesn’t Have To Be

This is an important topic to me because I hate accounting. I love owning and operating my own business but I was always putting off the accounting until the last minute. Definitely not a good idea and it always caused me long nights finishing up the books for sales tax or income taxes or something else. That was a problem for me until about three years ago when I found Outright.com.

Before I go any further, a couple of things. First, I plan to repost this on my other business blogs because it is applicable to all of them. Secondly, I do not have any interest in Outright.com nor am I an affiliate. I just think it’s a get service that has saved me a lot of grief. Thirdly, Outright.com is now owned by GoDaddy and the service remains just as good as ever.

To use outright.com or, as it’s called now, GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping Service, you have to start by being a business. That is, your business income and expenses should be separate from your personal income and expenses. You need to have a business bank account, or more than one, and a business credit card or a service like Paypal. Once you are operating like a business then this accounting service is for you. They do the following:

1. Automatically import data from your bank, credit cards, PayPal, eBay, Etsy, and Amazon.

2. The categorize all your transactions into IRS approved categories

3. They provide profit and loss, expense, and customer reports.

4. You can create, send, and track invoices.

5. Create tax worksheets and reports, Annual Summary, Schedule C, estimated tax and sales tax reports.

6. They import all your data nightly.

Basically, they do all your accounting so you can simplify your invoicing, know your profit and loss, handle your taxes easily, and it is totally secure.

Most importantly, they do this for only $9.99 per month. All of those tasks are handled for you professionally for a small price. I can’t imagine going back to to doing my own accounting. I have done my taxes for the past three years using the information complied by Outright with excellent results and I definitely recommend the service.

Check it out at http://outright.com and enjoy.

Are you saving money doing your own home repairs?

You can use those same skills to make money on a full time or part time basis. During this economic slump more people are staying in their homes instead of moving into new and larger ones.

Some of these homeowners are spending large amounts on remodeling and adding to the size of their home. Many of them are simply making repairs to keep their homes in good condition. You can help them to get all this work done.

The home improvement stores are bringing in customers in record numbers but many of these people simply don’t have even the most basic home repair skills and find it difficult to do the repair work themselves. This is where you can come in and get paid to help them get the work done.

The main goal of this web site is to help you make money using your home repair skills. Everything you need to know to make money as a Handyman can be found on this blog and I definitely look forward to your comments or questions.